Analyzing the impact of social media on your company has never been easier

Attentio's next generation Social Media Dashboard takes social media analysis to a new level. Using the simple yet powerful interface you can easily build custom charts comparing your brands against your competitors or see which social networks generate the most buzz about your company. Filter by Region, Country or Language to directly target your most important market segments. Assess key market influencers by segmenting using Rank or Media. Automatic Sentiment analysis lets you quickly know which of your customers are unhappy and who is creating a negative reputation for your brand. At Attentio we understand that the machine is never perfect, so all categories in the dashboard can be updated manually to provide the highest level of accuracy.

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Attentio is a global company specialising in Social Media Monitoring.

We have developed the award winning platform, the Attentio Brand Dashboard, enabling real-time monitoring and measurement of social media and online news.

Our staff operates in 22 languages, including Arabic and Mandarin. We have the unique capability of analysing and correlating your relevant data with our SaaS (Software as a Service). We have worked with clients such as Microsoft, Skype, Toyota, Club Med, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia, Intel, Hewlett Packard, and Buenavista International/Disney.Read more >

Some of the features our Dashboard can offer you

Buzz Trends

The Attentio Social Media Dashboard charts the rise and fall over time of conversations broken down by day, week, month or year. By including your competitors' brands in your tracking you can easily compare your company's performance in social media within your own specific industry. Extending your tracking with customized topics lets you focus on individual concepts, themes or industries.

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Live Charts

The simple yet powerful Dashboard interface lets you customize your views of the data using comprehensive set of filters and display options. When you apply your selection of filters to the data the Dashboard will be updated and you will immediately see the results.

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The Attentio Social Media Dashboard structures your data using a sophisticated set of attributes. By filtering the data with categories such as Language, Region, Country, Rank, Sentiment, Media and Platform you can quickly and easily analyze your data broken down into your target market segments.

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