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Attentio is a trading name of Progressive Media Group PLC, a company
registered in England and Wales, number 03925319, with VAT number
GB 75647330.
For Sales and Enquiries please contact
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What is Attentio Dashboard?   

faq.jpgAttentio Brand Dashboard is a web application that enables real-time monitoring and measurement of social and mainstream media. The results of tracking are displayed on the high level of presentation charts and graphics. Our ability to control the underlying sources ensures the highest possible quality of our content: no spam, no ads and no ‘dead’ blogs. In a constantly changing landscape in social media there is no value in out-of-date information.
We aggregate different sources on a single dashboard from which it is a simple task to compare, and analyze data and derive valuable actionable conclusions. Data is grouped by date, and can be filtered on several levels: by country, by language, or by source.

How much does it cost?

Attentio dashboard pricing starts from 500 € per month. It is calculated based on the number of items and countries included in the tracking. Every item can be a collection of several keywords. You can use Boolean operators (like AND, OR, and AND NOT) to define the item.

How do I start?

If you would like to see a demo and know more how the Brand Dashboard works and how you can use it for your specific needs please contact us at We will organize online demo of the tool for you and answer all your questions. Based on your request, we will send you an offer and as soon as you decide to start we will be ready to set up your dashboard.

What is the set up process?

You have two options: you can set up the dashboard your self if you know the keywords and are comfortable with using Boolean operators; or we can do it for you. Once you know the keywords, the set up takes 30 minutes.

What do you mean by item and topic?

Items and topics are the two filters of search. Item is the first filter, e.g. brand, product, actor, movie. Using topics, the second filer, we can classify the articles about the item into different topics, e.g. price or design. Both items and topics are based on keywords. You can but do not have to use topics, or you can add them at any later time.

Is there a free version?

Yes, you can receive one-week free access to one of our pre-defined dashboards after attending one of our demos. You can choose a dashboard from a list of available industries, with different brands and countries.

Which industries do you usually work with?

We work with all industries; nevertheless we’ve developed expertise in: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Automotive, Consumer Electronics (incl. Mobile Phones), Travel, Personal Computing, Games, Movies and Entertainment, Politics, Food and Nutrition. Forms our experience we know that even non digital brands have their digital lives.

What makes you Attentio offer unique?    

•    Multi-lingual capabilities of the tool: enabling language and country based analysis of data, benchmarked and compared for additional insight
•    Intelligent features: Attentio Brand Maps (unique), topic detection and sentiment
•    Breadth of data coverage (blogs, forums, news, YouTube, Twitter) and quality of data
•    Flexibility of the Brand Dashboard. It’s designed to allow our clients set up and manage multiple projects and accounts.
•    Also enables clients to define custom data sources,. e.g. top hundred automotive blogs.
•    Our people – we have been focusing on social media analytics for over 5 years and have rigorous training on the meeting point of social media AND business

What are Buzz Reports?   

Buzz Reports are custom reports for clients based on data from tracking. They range from:

  • Social Media scans to establish status of brands in social media, who is talking about the brand, what are the topics raised in relation to the brand, main trends, who is influential in the space, and risks/opportunities for the brands
  • Quarterly management updates
  • Monthly operational reports
  • Crisis reports

What are the language capabilities of the tool?    

The dashboard can track and analyze online content in all European languages (including e.g. English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish). We also have the capability of tracking all other languages using special characters, for example Greek, Russian, Mandarin or Arabic.

Which special features do you offer?

We have a number of great unique features to help you analyze social media.