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Making use of Social Media analytics

Business applications

Campaign Effectiveness Measurement

With shrinking budgets and tighter markets, optimising marketing budgets is critical. Using Attentio Brand Dashboard, marketing managers are able to analyse the impact of their communication efforts online. This way they can:

  1. See how much online visibility the communication campaign is generating.
  2. See how effective their message is by understanding if people are talking about their brands and topics.
  3. See the sentiment that their communication campaign is generating.
  4. Benchmark the campaign against competitors or other similar campaigns.

Attentio has measured hundreds of marketing campaigns. We have the benchmarks that can provide further insights into your communication activity.

Communication Planning

Companies that are planning their communications activity want to understand the  topics that  are generating online conversations and how they position themselves with respect to these topics. They also want to identify who they should engage with in order tooptimise their online position.

Attentio Brand Dashboard helps companies analyse the conversations that matter and supports marketers in planning their communications with the knowledge of WHAT generates buzz and WHO generates buzz.

Online Reputation Management

People are discussing products, companies, brands and other people. Brands are the most important assets of many companies. Companies cannot afford to not understanding how their brand is discussed online in Social Media.

Companies need to manage the opportunities and risks around their online reputation. If a company is focused on quality they should know if people talk about its products and brands as a premium player with a focus on quality or not. If a company is all about low cost every post about a cheaper competitor drives important sales somewhere else. Stories such as Dell Hell or how Continental Airlines destroyed someone’s guitar are very interesting but the point is Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an ongoing challenge for all companies that are important enough to warrant people talking about them.

Competitive Intelligence

People talk about your competitors, compare products in detail, they share their views on who is best and why, all the while dropping juicy insights. Brand managers are tapping into Social Media, using social media monitoring solutions, as a source of competitive intelligence. It helps them understand who people perceive to be their closest competitors and why.

This competitive knowledge is key when launching a new product or service, identifying reasons for reduced sales performance or managing  overall share of voice in the market compared to marketing budgets and that of competitors.

Product Launch

Phenomenal amounts of money are spent every year when launching new products. By creating a landscape of the market, the communication side can be optimised. Social media analysis can help brand managers understand the following:

  • What are the topics that drive conversations in the market?
  • What countries are "expecting" the new product and service, and initial sentiment towards it?
  • Who is influential in the space?
  • What is the competitors positioning in this space?
  • Are there issues / concerns that need to be addressed?

Companies analyse this information in Social Media and fine tune their communication to ensure that marketing campaigns are designed to reach target audiences effectively.

Identifying and closely monitoring Influentials in your space

Influence is a complex subject, as it is a function of many parameters. Important considerations:

  • How well connected is an individual online?
  • Why is the individual respected? Technical expertise? Knowledge of a certain domain? Innovative ideas?
  • Who is the real influencer? Is the content authentic or translated?

It is not difficult to find the top blogs or forum for an issue or product. In the case of blogs they will have many comments and in forums there will be a lot of people posting and thousands of discussion threads. It is more challenging to identify real authorities on your industry and a specific subject matter: product, technology or others. With Attentio's products, you will find out who these people are and be able to interact with them quickly, or monitor them separately to understand how and how much they discuss your products, brand or company.

Lead Generation

People often ask for suggestions on products, services, good locations online. They are often asking where they can find a specific type of solution or advertisment asking about your products and services.

Companies are tracking conversations to identify leads and business opportunities. Using Attentio Brand Dashboard you can identify new business leads and reach out to them with specialised content and special offers. Reaching your leads online can be very cost-effective.

Social media is an increasingly popular way for companies to grow their base of leads with clear examples of this practice from Dell, Marketwire and Comcast.

Customer Care

In the last 5 years, we have witnessed many companies create community outreach programs and web service departments so they can deal with customers directly in social media. This trend is pioneered by companies in Electronic Consumer Goods sector, closely followed by companies in Telecom, Mobile and High Tech.

Companies use Attentio Brand Dashboard to identify product issues and address the clients concerns swiftly online. Rapid response helps companies draft response mechanisms faster to areas of concern, avoiding a 'snowball' effect.