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Attentio is a trading name of Progressive Media Group PLC, a company
registered in England and Wales, number 03925319, with VAT number
GB 75647330.
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What is Attentio?

  • European Social Media Intelligence leader – with a 5 year track record
  • Extensive coverage of online sources: blogs, forums, Twitter (and other micro-blogging sites), Facebook, video logs (YouTube and Daily Motion), news, and influential sources in a domain
  • Broadest coverage of languages and countries
  • Providers of technology designed to monitor brand reputation management, campaign/product release impact, sales opportunity tracking, and sentiment analysis
  • Used by brands such as Microsoft, Johnson&Johnson, Samsung, Disney, Philips, Opel, Toyota,  Lexus, HP, Club Med and many more

The story

Attentio began in the mind of Norwegian entrepreneur and Internet visionaryfavicon.ico Per Siljubergsasen, when he saw the buzz around share prices in 2000 across Internet forums. He felt that this buzz could be captured to help companies make better decisions. In 2003 he presented the idea to Simon McDermott in Brussels after they had both completed their MBA. This was a one-page proposition explaining how hype from the Internet could predict product issues, sales and ultimately market value. 

In the heart of Europe

Both agreed that in the future, companies would need this market information to do  business and in 2004 Attentio was founded. A prototype was soon developed and the first clients started to use the tools.

Building the technology

Since then the Attentio technology and methodology has been built by our own team, supported by the spectacular rise in social media.

Responding to the market's need

Now all major companies have social media plans and need, more than ever, to know how they are performing amongst their competitors and how their reputation is doing in real time. As companies become more responsive to this media and see the ROI we believe that everyone will benefit from using the Attentio products in their marketing, communications and product strategy.

Going global

We are still head quartered in Brussels, but our agency and reseller network is based across Europe and the US with brands from most major industries subscribing to our Attentio Brand Dashboard and Attentio Insight Reports

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